Geometry Dash Lite Apk latest v2.2 2020

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What is Geometry dash Lite apk?

All these levels were current until geometry dashboard 1.6 upgrades. Once 1.6, all of the levels can be found in premium variant only.
Geometry dash lite is the version of the mega-successful sport geometry dashboard that is first and developed by Robtop games. Geometry dash lite is a free variant with less amount of degrees of this. But amusement and excitement don’t get decreased. It includes 13 degrees of geometry dash lite. To name the few stereo madness, poltergeist back on course dry outside, and more. It has become the ultimate craze. It has not failed to attract users.

Originally, it had been released for about $ 1.99 USD to get iOS and Android operating strategies and also for exceeding 3.99 USD on Dec 22, 2014, however because it did the company from Millions of Dollars, place free to utilize after its own millionaire downloaders.

Entities provide the gamers at various levels like a Ball, a block, or UFO. This sport is controlled with a simple system that’s utilized once leap and players press everywhere on screen to fly to respond. The match starts from the start In case the consumer is touched into an obstruction. That the participant is rewarded with prices with lots of colours, used to buy character skins, passing explosion from stores, participant paths.
This platform sport is normal in which contained Madness back on Track, Polargeist, Dry outside on 21 degrees, and levels incorporate the base after foundation, Can not Let Go.
The amounts grow with the exclusion of being level which is tough on the grounds of players’ advancement.

Each platform of amusement features its very own taste of pleasure largely although comic matches are top-notch pass out the time and to amuse. Now we’re presenting a game that is simple but as the amount to become exciting and harder you may download Geometry Dash Apk.

Features of Geometry dash Lites

  • Establishing own amounts and upload them. Saving downloadable amounts. Quests – For more rewards. Gauntlets – All these would be the amount that delivers the exact diamonds and rewards upon conclusion. Candles – All these are degrees offering exciting gameplay. Hall of Fame – like featured degree these levels provide the very exact same, an individual can play these amounts for rewards. Map Packs – All These offers various distinct players’customized degree that are considerably easier than Featured and Hall of fame Levels. Search – An option which allows players to hunt amounts of their pick.


  • Shop
  • Exercise Mode
  • As mentioned above it’s a Rhythm-based platform game therefore that it implies that the timing and rhythm are related and players must make moving accordingly. The aim of the game is to complete levels and upon the conclusion of level reward/s is earned. There are 21 levels in total out of which 18 are unlocked while three are secured and earning wages and gamers by completing levels may unlock them. Each degree includes three”Secret Coins” which are finally utilized to unlock the three-level which are formerly locked and from finishing achievements in games variety of rewards can be earned making the game much more intriguing, challenging, and addictive. Amounts in the match are grouped on the grounds of difficulties which suggests that more easy levels are first to encounter with and then gradually difficulty level increases as players used to and get more proficient.
  • The match is featured together with options such as:
  • Players may also buy things or items in the sport (in-game purchasing) with the help of particular currency in-game known as”Mana Orbs”. The paid version of this game enables players to experience the version of the sport in which the degree can be played. These players generated amounts are only available from the version of this game players may download or upload their own established amounts. The problem of the levels are determined by this game’s developer and not by the player/s who created it.
  • Their skills may sharpen and create gameplay more professional. In practice, mode players are able to set checkpoints in order that they reach on the icon/vehicle using the obstacle they could start from the checkpoints they set earlier in the game but something which should be held in mind that degree in only be finished in the primary game and not in practice mode. The mode is meant for practicing.
  • Create Degrees

Download Geometry Dash Lite:

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